Grandview Labradors
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Our Labs
Samson is an English Labrador that is as white as they come.  He has produced some outstanding white puppies.  He has a loving personality. He is very thick, blocky and has an excellent bloodline.  
I can't say enough about Sadie. She truly has one of the best personalities of any dog I have ever been around.  Sadie does an amazing job of being a mommy and  raising her puppies.  We have recently retired Sadie and she is enjoying her time spent farming and relaxing on the front porch. Sadie will be retiring Summer 2019.
Stormie is a half sister to Ginger, she had her first litter of puppies in the Winter of 2019.  She did a great job of raising some outstanding labradors with great disposition.  We look forward to her providing more wonderful puppies at Grandview. 
Rugar is a tall, white Labrador Retriever who throws beautiful white puppies.  He has an outstanding temperament and personality.  Rugar could possibly be the most loving dog at Grandview.  We do stud out Rugar.
Grandview Rugar
Grandview Samson
Grandview Sadie Mae
Grandview Stormie 
Darby is a cream colored lab out of Sadie Mae.  Her puppies will be a duck hunter's dream. Her dad is a Master Field Trial Hunter.  She has what I call the perfect body structure for a Labrador.  She has also turned into a great pet. She is extremely smart, loves to ride the four-wheeler and gets into the water at every opportunity available.
Grandview Luna 
Luna is one of our white females at Grandview Labradors. She had her first litter in the Spring of 2019. She is a wonderful mommy. She is very laid back. 
Silver and Charcoal 
Grandview Russ
Russ is our first ever silver Labrador.  We have always bred white/cream colored Labradors but after seeing a silver lab,we fell in love.  Russ is a large, very thick Labrador.  He produces outstanding silver and charcoal puppies. He is a darker shade of silver, has huge paws and a big blocky English style head. 
Grandview Darby
Grandview Ginger
Ginger is our first silver female Labrador.  Her color is absolutely beautiful!  She loves to be with people and is very playful.  We purchased Ginger from a good friend who has been producing outstanding Labradors for almost thirty years.  Ginger is a very tall Labrador that has beautiful puppies.
Grandview Mack and Elisa
Mack and Elisa are full brothers and sisters.  We purchased these puppies to add to our bloodline.  They have outstanding bloodline themselves and we are extremely blessed to have them at Grandview Labradors.  We will breed Elisa to Samson and Mack will breed to our other white females.  We should be expecting puppies out of these beautiful dogs in Fall 2019.
Grandview Willow
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Willow is a charcoal lab. She has a beautiful color to her coat.  She is an English Style Labrador that has a blocky body. Willow and Russ will have a litter of puppies that will be both silver and charcoal in color.