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Vaccination Schedule

Puppies will be dewormed at 2, 4, and 5 weeks of age 

Week 2- covers roundworms and hookworms
Week 4-covers roundworms and hookworms
Week 6-covers roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and tapeworms

Puppies will receive Modified Live 5 way shot at 6 weeks of age

5 Way Covers 

-Canine Distemper (an airborne viral disease of the lungs, intestines and brain)

-Adenovirus Type 1 for Hepatitis (a viral disease of the liver)

-Adenovirus Type 2 (respiratory disease)

-Parainfluenza (infectious bronchitis)

-Parvovirus (a viral disease of the )

Sugar X Mack
White lab puppies born October 28th, due to go to forever homes Sunday December 19th. 

1. Sharon M deposit paid pick me time 12:00 CST 
2. Orion C deposit paid pick me time 12:30 CST 
3. Chelsea H deposit paid 10/30 pick me time 1:00 CST 
4. Kay F deposit paid 11/04 pick me time 12:00 Dec 20th 
5. Melissa R deposit paid 12/04  pick me time 1:30 CST

1. Grandview Labradors
2. Bill B deposit paid 11/06 pick me time Saturday Dec 8:00 CST 

Pearl X Mack
White lab puppies born October 30th, due to go to forever homes Sunday December 19th. 

1. Joseph S deposit paid pick me time December 17 5:00 CST 
2. Erin W deposit paid 9/20 pick me December 22nd 
3. Teresa R deposit paid 11/18 pick me time 1:15 CST 
4. Teresa R deposit paid 11/18 pick me time 1:15 CST 
5. Available pick me time 1:45 CST 

1. Jennifer P deposit paid 3/20 pick me time 12:45 CST 
2. Darren G deposit paid 10/31 pick me time 1:15 CST 
3. Deb J deposit paid 11/01 pick me time 1:45 CST

Matilda Rose X Simba
White lab puppies born November 2nd, due to go to former homes Sunday December 19th. 

1. Kevin H deposit paid 11/25 pick me time 2:00 CST
2. Available pick me time 2:30 CST 

1. Samantha B deposit paid 10/09 pick me time 2:15 CST
2. Available pick me time 2:45 CST

Scarlet X Mack
White lab puppies born November 10th, due to go to forever homes Saturday January 1st.  

1. Kendra M deposit paid pick me time January 4th 4:00 CST 
2. Morgan M deposit 11/17 pick me time 9:30 CST
3. Mike & Josie M deposit paid 11/23 pick me time 10:00 CST 

1. Jeff R deposit paid 11/16 pick me time 9:15 CST 
2. Joellyn P  deposit paid 11/21 flying to California at another date  
3. Available pick me time 9:45 CST